Desert Storm Army MerlinGold®

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Desert Storm Army MerlinGold®
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The overwhelming power and unmatched precision of the U.S. Army were essential to the success of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Leading a massive Allied ground force, America's Army demonstrated its technological and organizational superiority. Sweeping across Iraq's dangerous desert terrain with lightning-fast speed, the expertly trained and highly efficient soldiers of the U.S. Army quickly dismantled the enemy's defenses, advancing without hesitation to complete their mission. Spearheading the successful liberation of Kuwait, the U.S. Army demonstrated its centuries-old commitment to fighting in support of freedom throughout the world. This coin pays tribute to the strength and skill of the U.S. Army and commemorates its pivotal role in the successful execution of Operation Desert Storm. The obverse contains an American Bald Eagle, depicted in full flight against the backdrop of a desert landscape. The reverse contains the official seal of the United States Army. This proof-like coin is minted in MerlinGold®, a proprietary brass alloy that simulates the look and feel of gold. Each coin comes packaged in a durable Lucite capsule and is accompanied by a header card that highlights the U.S. Army's proud heritage.
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