Navy E Device For Ribbon

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Navy E Device For Ribbon
Navy E Device For Ribbon
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The Battle Efficiency Ribbon, Navy "E" Ribbon, or (informally) the Battle "E" ribbon was established in July 1976 by Secretary of the Navy J. William Middendorf. The Navy "E" Ribbon denotes permanent duty on U.S. Navy ships, squadrons, or units (including construction battalions) that have won a battle efficiency competition (Battle "E") after July 1, 1974.

This ribbon replaces the "E" patch previously sewn on the right sleeve of the uniform. United States Marine Corps personnel assigned as ship's company are eligible; embarked personnel are not.

The Navy "E" is one of the very few Naval service awards that does not have a corresponding medal, meaning that when in full dress (when medals are worn), the Navy "E" is placed above the right breast pocket of the uniform instead of the left. However, when in standard uniform (no medals are worn), the ribbon is placed above the left breast pocket, along with all other citations and awards.

The "E" is also one of the few ribbons that is not an individual award. Instead, it is a unit award, issued to any U.S. serviceman or -woman that is stationed as ship's company with the unit when the award is earned.

The United States Coast Guard equivalent of the Navy "E" Ribbon is the Coast Guard "E" Ribbon.
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