M Lettering Device Bronze For The Armed Forces Reserve Medal

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Bronze M Device For The Armed Forces Reserve Ribbon and Large Medal are sold one per pack.
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M Lettering Device Bronze For The Armed Forces Reserve Medal
M Lettering Device Bronze For The Armed Forces Reserve Medal
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M Device.The "M" device is a bronze block letter, M, 1/4 inch (.64cm) in height. It is worn on the Armed Forces Reserve Medal to indicate mobilization in support of US Military operations or contingencies designated by the Secretary of Defense.

The Mobilization Device was first authorized in 1996 by order of President Bill Clinton. The device was an expansion on a 1990 directive which authorized the Armed Forces Reserve Medal, without device, to any reserve or National Guard member who was federalized to perform duty in a designated mobilization.

The original operations, for which the M Device was authorized, are:
Operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm (Gulf War)
Operation Restore Hope (Somalia)
Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti)
Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia)
Operation Allied Force (Kosovo)
Operation Noble Eagle (ONE) (Homeland Defense/U.S.)
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) (Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal) Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) (Iraq)

Since its initial issuance, the Mobilization Device has been authorized to any Reservist or National Guard member who was recalled to active duty either as a volunteer or non-volunteer. Only one Mobilization device is authorized per Operation listed above.

Multiple awards are denoting by a bronze numeral attachment. For example, three awards of the M Device would be presented with the M Device and a bronze numeral 3 simultaneously attached to the award. The Mobilization

Device is worn as a large bronze "M" centered in the middle of the Armed Forces Reserve Medal's ribbon. If the wearer is authorized the Hourglass Device, this is centered to the wearers right on the side of the Mobilization Device while a bronze award numeral, signifying the total awards of the Mobilization Device, is centered on the opposite side of the award ribbon (no award numerals are authorized for the first award of the Mobilization Device).
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